Very girly - park makeup question!

This isn’t completely trip planning related, fair warning given, lol…

OK ladies - can anyone give me their thoughts on what makeup (foundation specifically) you like to wear while spending all day in the (sometimes very hot/humid) parks? And do you use a primer with it?
I am a Bare Minerals gal myself…I :heart: that stuff! But I was intrigued as I recently saw someone I follow on IG mention that they swear by wearing only Clinique City Base when in the parks because it stays put so well, which can be nice for family vacation pics!

I use my regular foundation-- Makeup Forever Ultra HD-- with a mattifying Coola sunscreen underneath and a Coola makeup setting spray with SPF 25. I also carry the setting spray with me to touch up my SPF throughout the day. I know I sound like a sales rep for Coola but it’s one of the few physical sunscreen brands that doesn’t irritate my skin. Unfortunately, ALL chemical sunscreens turn me red and scaly, so I’m pretty limited in my options.

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My preferred foundation is also MUFE. I tend to get oily and that’s the most annoying thing to me in photos, so I use blotting papers and Makeup Artist’s Choice SuperMatte Antishine. I also really want color on my lips or photos bug me. I use a lip stain (Vincent Longo in liquid kiss) and apply Burt’s Bees tinted lip balms throughout the day.

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I’m also a bareMinerals gal :slight_smile: In the parks I like to use the complexion rescue tinted hydrating gel cream over Tarteguard SPF 30, which is a physical sunblock. Like corenajs, I can’t do chemical sunscreens as my skin doesn’t like it and I’m very fair so I need a sunblock and foundation that will stay in place! This is my go-to combination, as I live near St. Louis where it can be insanely hot and humid during the summer.

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I used to use Clinique tinted moisturiser which worked well and wasn’t too heavy. In the last year or so my skin has become more sensitive so I’ve started to use Liz Earle products which are all natural based, so this summer I used her sheer skin tint bronzing fluid, loved it! (not sure if you get this brand in the States tho) I like to wear waterproof mascara and use Cliniques Chubby sticks for lips.

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i love my makeup but when i go to the parks i tend to get to hot for it to stay put so i have my eyelash extensions, as well as use a tinted bb cream, eyeliner, and lipgloss nothing to heavy yet still looking like i can be seen in public :flushed:

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I like to use the Avene moisturizer with sunscreen and Dr. Jart +tinted BB Cream. And definitely waterproof mascara.

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I just discovered the Smashbox Studio Skin foundation, and I think this will end up being my foundation of choice for our trip. It looks really natural on, and it lasts allll day. They claim 15 hours and I wouldn’t doubt it. My typical day is 11 hours with makeup on, and it looks really good before I take it off. Not cheap, but I guess you get what you pay for! And my skin is very oily, so if it lasts on me it’ll last on just about anyone.

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I’ve heard about this one! Do you feel like it has a heavy look or pretty natural?

I may try the sunscreen + MUFE. Do you feel like it has a decent amount of coverage/looks good in photos but not super heavy/cakey?

Do you like how the MUFE looks in photos? I may try it before our trip based on all the recommendations!

Thanks everyone! Lots of good suggestions!

I really like MUFE because it’s buildable. I go very light on my cheeks and nose and then can go heavier on my chin and forehead. I bought this bottle before my television debut (on the local morning news ;P) and I thought it looked great!

Awesome, I really think I will be making a trip to Ulta or Sephora to get some. So many people recommend it, saying specifically that it looks good in photos/on camera. I hope I don’t sound vain, lol…but we take SO MANY pics at Disney and mama wants to look decent, not like a sweaty-makeup-running-off-my-face mess…or like I’m one of the ghosts in Haunted Mansion, lol…I’m on the fairer side… :smile:

Not to mention…nice to have in time for holiday family photos!

I use a beauty blender to apply it, and I think it looks really natural!

@sarahraegraham Like a blending face brush?

No, one of these:

I literally JUST saw that one and thought I may give it a try! Is it easy to use?

@sarahraegraham @corenajs @rachstarr @tjkjbarton @AllmadhereUK @manateesmom @Jadesfire21 Thanks so much for the great suggestions, ladies!!
One more girly park topic for anyone who can weigh in…HAIR products. Specifically for longer fine hair. I am in TX so we have our share of humidity (even today, it’s steaming!). It normally isn’t too bad in the parks when we go after Thanksgiving but does can still get humid.
Does anyone have a go-to volumizing hair product, something you put in before a quick blow-dry in the mornings?

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