Very confused about Day 1/Part 1....can't find Part 2 AND on Day 2/Part 2...can't find Day 2/Part 1

So…Universal Orlando Two-Day/Two-Park Plan without Early Entry…HAVE …Day 1/Part 1…MISSING Day 1/Part 2

Have …Day 2/Part 2…MISSING…Day 2/Part 1

How do I find these other parts for the UO touring plans??? I know you head to the other park, but where is the rest of the plan???


They are separate plans. I believe you find each one in the list of plans under each park. So the 1/2 at Islands of Adventure is in the list of plans for that park, and the the 1/2 for Universal Studios is over there.

At this time, you can’t have more than one park on a plan, so you make one for each park and adjust the start and end times and the entrance and exit locations to show which part of the day you’ll spend there.