Very Basic Avatar Question

Hi Can anyone help? Where do I find generic pictures to use as an avatar and the how do I upload it? Sorry but I'm social media type challenged Still haven't figured out most of facebook

you can go into google images, or any disney site and find a picture you like. Click on the picture to make sure you are on THAT picture. Then Do a right click on it and save it to your computer. I usually save stuff to the downloads area on my computer so I know where to find it later. Then you go back to the Avatar picture link here. Upload a picture (it will ask you where to find the picture so you will find it on your computer, then hit upload)

Thanks @alitig1 I found a picture and right clicked on it my options were save image as... copy image url copy image open image in new tab search google for this image or print. I tried one and three with no luck I'm so bad at this

Open image in new tab then Always save image as,

You have to click twice on the picture or go to the webpage where the picture originated when you use Google images.

If you click on the first layer of pictures it will try to save something weird.

It worked It worked It worked took seven tries but who care Thank you Thank you thank you

I don't see anything yet. I'll try again but when I click on your name it shows sorcerer Mickey.


I'll try logging out than back in

@alitig1 sorry had to solve a problem at work Can you see me now? I can

You have a picture!!! Congrats.

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