Vero Beach

Has anyone been to Vero Beach recently? DS11 and I are going at the end of August for the first time and we’re looking for any advice, tips or tricks you have on the resort and the surrounding area.

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Vero Beach is very nice, especially in August. The resort there has good things to offer, but I suggest going to the beach early in the morning so you do not get too hot from midday sun. There are some nice local places to eat too, like Ocean Grill for seafood or Citrus Grillhouse if you prefer fresh farm-to-table meals. But don’t forget bug spray because mosquitoes can be a bit annoying during that time of year. Have a blast!

It was not the mosquitos but the sand flies that were getting us so yes to the bug spray (this was not such an issue when we went in June so August is peak season). They have tons there too so if you forget the have pump buckets of it. Use it! It’s a stunning little resort and I love it btw. Like relaxing Disney. The pool slide is fun, there is a spa, they have tons of onsite activities for the kids, both the quick and table service options are delicious, the beach is lovely. Pro tip: rent your beach chairs the moment you arrive for your entire stay as they sell out quick. Take the kayaks out and look for turtles. Play the pool games and minigolf and go hike and fish out by the pond. They do soccer games too. Very fun place and you don’t have to leave but you can if you wanna.

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Hope to do this some day. I would be interested in hearing about your experience!