Vera Bradley vs Loungefly mini backpack

I’ve been carrying around a Vera Bradley mini backpack as my touring bag for years and I’m looking to change it up. The loungefly minis are most adorable, but I’m concerned about the size and comfort. It looks small and stiff. Does anyone have both and can compare for me? I typically carry my phone, a small wallet and an extra DSLR camera lens ( either a 100mm or a 24-105 mm). Thanks!

My DD carried around a small leather backpack for 3 out of the 5 days we had in the parks last May. The problem is the shoulder straps. She carries a regular backpack around campus during the school year but she found the slimmer, stiffer leather straps uncomfortable as they dug into her shoulders. I traded with her when she got tired of it. She used a fanny pack on days she worn cute denim shorts…the shorts weren’t as comfy as her running shorts but the fanny pack sure was. I would go with your comfy Vera Bradley. BTW, I wore a Kipling small crossover bag and it was comfy.

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I absolutely loved my Loungefly mini for our vacation in April. I used it all week. Never found the straps to be a problem. I wore T-shirt’s and tank tops and I honestly forgot it was there most of the time. It worked great with security and was there perfect size for what I needed in the parks. I had smaller clear zip bags inside which made security much faster. I’ve been using it the entire summer instead of my normal purse I loved it so much. Quite a few people came up to me to ask were I got it. I had the Redd Pirates of the Caribbean bag.

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OOOO, I am looking to surprise DW with this bag. I will be down in just a few weeks and plan to pick it up for a Christmas gift. She has the identical bag in a different print, white which will be her summer pack. This can be her winter pack. We just got a smaller water bottle to fit inside, her larger one is just a little too tall. It is quick and easy thru bag check. Not a lot of room but she really just needs room to put in a raincoat and a few essentials. No issues with the straps on this bag. We are big hikers and are used to comfortable shoulder straps


i bought this at DLR. Didn’t expect it to be my everyday. it is! everything i need fits and it’s light and comfy


My husband agrees, although I think it’s just because I may have a “bag problem” :wink:

Great idea!

That’s good to know! Thanks!

I was looking at that one because it is so darn cute! Awesome that it’s your everyday bag! That says a lot!

I saw the loungefly model on this site. It seems, and to be honest, I was not very impressed with this model. I wanted to buy my girlfriend a birthday present and thought why not buy her some high-quality and beautiful backpack. I’ve been looking for a long time for a model that would fit her style. Even my friends helped me choose this gift, and I spent about a week looking for the perfect backpack for my beloved Louise. And I did it. I gave her a custom model. To be honest, I don’t remember the exact name, but if someone is interested, I can search for this model and send it in private messages.


Zombie thread attack


So @dianelynn? How did it all work out in the end? We’ve been waiting over two years to find out.

Talk about bags is always relevant. I ended up with Vera. The Lounge fly is just too bulky for my liking.

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I hate having a park bag, but I bought a Loungefly last year and haven’t looked back. It’s the perfect size and I do not find it uncomfortable at all.


They all look so cute, but I don’t like carrying my stuff on my back in the park. The messenger/cross body bag works better for me so I can access stuff on the go.

I definitely use a backpack for work and travel, but when touring parks I need quicker access. :slight_smile:

I have two loungeflys and they are completely comfortable to me. They are not stiff and the straps don’t dig in to me and I didn’t mind them in the heat. They were a fine size for the park. I put my poncho, mini-umbrella, cell phone, blister bandaids, anti-inflamatories And sunglasses cases and a light thin hoodie all in there no problem. However, I do not like them for a plane backpack because they are too small to fit my iPad. Hence why I bought a new flare backpack for my upcoming trips. I like to watch movies on the iPad on the plane. :slight_smile:

Edit lol I just noticed the original post date but ya know for others….ha ha ha

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I have the largest collection of unused Disney park bags in Western Europe. I constantly buy bags for Disney trips that end up being unsuitable.

Oh. You’re in here, too. This time talking sense. It is far too hot and humid in WDW to wear any kind of backpack.

My ultimate solution, which works amazingly well, is a large Superfly washbag. It’s small, padded, with a handle, has compartments, and perfectly fits my rain jacket, glasses case, phone, medicines, and wallet.

How do you keep your Vera Bradley clean when taking to the parks? I usually carry a black backpack for this reason. Some of the rides we have to sit our packs on the floor, or on the seat everyone has stepped on to get inside the ride vehicle. Purchased this flair pack for my trip and worried it will be visibly dirty after a few days.
(First world problems …)

That is why I went w/ the black messenger bag version. :slight_smile:

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You’re right about the messenger being more accessible. I’m afraid this pack will annoy me. Notice it has clasps that have to be undone instead of zippers. :grimacing: But my pins look so good on it, though …

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I like my Loungefly way more for everyday use than I’d ever have dreamt. I didn’t take it for my park day at Busch Gardens this year, bc it’s so inflexible and I didn’t want it damaged. Those of you who take Loungefly to parks, do you carry it into rides? Do you damage it stowing it in the behind the seat bags on coasters?

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I take mine on rides all the time. I’m sure there are some signs of wear, but it holds up really well!

Also, I like the stiffness as it keeps things from getting crushed. I hate when everything in a backpack is just in a messy jumble at the bottom of the bag. The Loungefly keeps it more organized.


I don’t really have an issue with the bag at WDW putting the bag on the seat or floor. At Universal I cram my “It’s so fluffy” unicorn bag into all those darn lockers and it still looks pretty decent. And it’s white too.

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