Velocicoaster Line Incident

I read this article, and it made me sick to my stomach. I hope nobody riding was hurt. When I went a few years ago, a group similar to this were doing obnoxious things at Disney as well.


Wow. That’s terrible. I’m so glad the person who reported it did so.


I remember teenagers spitting on ppl at MK from the Skyway :nauseated_face: They were caught and banned as well.

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What is wrong with people?!


I know that teens think stuff like that is funny, but as an adult, I could only think of the price someone could pay for their actions. I am really happy that lady and her daughter reported them.

Like I said earlier, we ran into a group like that a few years ago at Disney. It was just really annoying having them shout out the entire line of rides, taking flash pictures on rides etc. it was annoying to me, but that time, I was also traveling with Disney first timers. It bothered me that they couldn’t get the full experience on some of my favorite rides. When I told CM, one or two let us ride again, the rest just had that look like there’s not much we can do because they aren’t technically hurting anyone.


Sometimes I wish we could just immediately make someone experience the act they just committed from the other side. Strap them into a coaster by themselves and have the people who were on the coaster at the time throw ice at them. I do hope there really is such a thing as karma.