Vegetarian options

Just found out my niece (13) has decided to go vegetarian. I think all of the TS options have at least one vegetarian menu option, yes? Is this also true for QS? Are there any particularly standout options for vegetarians in the parks?

Check menus. Most of them do, and those that don’t should be able to adapt something, like removing the grilled chicken from a pasta dish or salad. Some of it is going to come down to how adventurous an eater she is. At some of the restaurants the vegetarian option is very vegetable heavy as opposed to something basic like plain pasta. At others it’s a meat imitation (ie, a vegan sausage dish). Works for me, but not for some 13 year olds. In addition to reading menus, Google options and ask at the restaurants if necessary. Some restaurants have things not listed on their menus, like being able to sub an Impossible burger for a meat burger.

I find TS restaurants are easy and QS can be trickier. There are definitely fewer QS options and less opportunity to customize. For QS, I especially liked Casey’s in MK (vegetarian hot dogs) and Satuli Canteen in AK. There are lots of options in Epcot. I don’t think we’ve done any QS in HS, but they must have too.

Every TS menu I’ve seen has veg options. QS might get more redundant. There’s always pizza and mac n cheese but that gets old (assuming not vegan).

Most have, but unfortunately not all QS do. Flame Tree BBQ in AK comes to mind, since I’ve looked at their menu in the last few days. The closest they get is mac and cheese with pulled pork. If the pork is added last minute they could adapt that menu item to be vegetarian, but there’s nothing vegetarian as is and if they add the pork earlier in the cooking process they might not be able to adapt it. In general I find WDW an easy place to be vegetarian, but I always have to check menus ahead of time.

My 16YO son is newly vegetarian and found the TS options at Disney to be excellent, QS less so. For TS, Jiko at AKL was a standout and California Grill was very good. At MK, Casey’s offers a plant-based hot dog that my daughter (not vegetarian) liked. My son wasn’t quite as impressed. For character dining, Crystal Palace had good options. Overall, I found it easier to find vegetarian options at WDW than most other places.

Thanks everyone for the input! It looks like I need to do a bit more planning in regards to our QS meals and making sure we’re stopping at a spot with a vegetarian choice or two. I’m so glad to hear how vegetarian friendly WDW seems to be.

I saw this article last week on about the new “Magic Kingdom Plant-Based Dining Guide for Vegetarians” guide available at guest services. The article is very detailed on what is available.

It’s only for MK, no word on if or when they will put out a guide for other parks