Vegan options

will be at UOR in January with my parents, who are vegan. The rest of us are not. Recommendations for places to eat that have decent vegan options? Anywhere to avoid?

@LaurelStewart will have some good advice. She’s on a cruise right now, but hopefully she will see this when she returns home.

Mythos (Islands of Adventure) has a pad thai that is vegan. Lombard’s (Universal Studios) has a portobello quinoa that can be prepared vegan - they also have a salad that can be prepared vegan. There are some quick-service places at UOR that have veggie burgers, but I’m not sure if they are vegan or just vegetarian. Margaritaville (CityWalk) has a separate vegetarian menu (you have to ask for it), and I would think some items can be made vegan. CityWalk may have more choices in general.

Every UOR table service restaurant has vegan options, tell them your needs when making your reservations and ask to speak with the chef when you arrive. Counter service locations also have a book explaining what items can be prepared vegan (or for other needs).

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Both Wizarding World locations - Leaky Cauldron at Diagonal Alley, and 3 Broomsticks at Hogsmeade - are not vegan friendly. Nor is there a dairy free option at Florean Fortesque’s ice cream shop, which is sad. I had a great vegan meal at Tchoup Chop at the Royal Pacific.