Vegan as well as Gluten Free (combination) Dining in Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney and Disney Hotels

We are heading to DLR this fall and again in the spring and my family is all vegan as well as gluten free. Does anyone have experience with that specific combination that can direct us to good choices to eat at?

You’re not going to get much response from DLR liners as the forum announcement hasn’t been made over there. But I did find these links.

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Thanks @moorparknay15 I thought I’d post it for when people do get over here. It will happen soon enough :smile:

@btw760 might post as he’s gluten free & is aware of forum. I’m not planning to mention over there.

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I know we have a blog article coming up on gluten free at DL. Adam Britten is writing it.


GF is fairly easy now. Ask at point you place your order and they will guide you. I am guessing they can answer vegan questions reliably, too. Most places the chef will consult and personally oversee your order. Some places will ask ‘allergy’ or ‘preference’ and they use a slightly different protocol for each.
I know that at one point they had both GF and Vegan desserts available at Jolly Holiday and Fifer (DCA) (bought from commercial bakeries with certification programs) but haven’t tried that recently–but had to ask for them. They were not on display. Recalling in-park options, there are good looking salads in many places, minus the meat are probably Vegan, but I don’t eat green and leafy so can’t speak to how they taste. The green beans, for example, are excellent at Plaza Inn, but don’t know if they use butter. I will intentionally seek out Vegan options when I go next time (hopefully Friday). Maybe I can get more helpful suggestions!

Thanks so much for being willing to ask and then come back and respind here :slight_smile: I am looking for specific places and foods that are vegan and gluten free not gluten free ones and then vegan foods. I am having a hard time wording it clearly. We need foods to meet both criteria in the same food.

Hi happytears123! My husband is gluten, dairy, peanut, and yeast free…so I feel your pain :slight_smile: Recommendations - we’ve discovered that many of the table service and counter service dining options can accommodate a more complex combination of allergies/restrictions - you just have to let them know up front what you need and learn to be creative with what’s on the menu. Carnation Cafe has given us good luck for breakfast given both their variety of options, but also the ability to customize any menu item to fit our needs (call ahead to double check, but I believe they can make waffles/pancakes that are both vegan and gf, just not sure on eggs). Hungry Bear has a great salad with watermelon, pecans, cherries, pickled onions - just ask for vegetarian version. Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta can do a rice noodle pasta dish with a great marinara sauce and also offers a great salad with dried cranberries, pecans, cucumbers, golden raisins - just hold the cheese - this is one of my husband’s favorite salads (and I know salad can be a boring choice for vegan/gf, so we’re always looking for good ones). Bengal BBQ has a killer veggie skewer. Rancho del Zocalo is counter service, but they will custom make a bowl with pretty much anything you want in it - rice with beans (vegetarian), salsa, guacamole, etc. - and has vegetable soft tacos in corn tortillas. Best advice - no matter where you go, tell them right away that you have dietary restrictions and they’ll hook you up with a chef to find options that work for you. It takes a little extra time, but is always worth it. That’s all I can think of for now, but will ask my husband for more recommendations later. Let me know if you have any other questions! I know how hard it can be to navigate the parks (and the world in general!) with dietary restrictions, so I’m more than happy to help!

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@musictomyears That is SO helpful! We will be at DLR next Feb for sure but possibly this fall so I have a better idea what they have for us and where. Love all your specific details! The watermelon salad sounds great and unique compared to usual foods at the parks.

Last time we were there we were just vegetarian and not gluten free. The other thing we try to avoid is corn and soy (because of GMOs) but that may have to be an exception. DLR is so much behind WDW in better choices for people with dietary needs.

Carnation Cafe was great to us last trip too so we will plan to go there for sure.

More suggestions from DH - many of the snack stands have a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables now. While it’s overpriced, it’s always a good option when you need something quick (since counter and table service can take more time with special dietary needs). Schmoozies in DCA has great fruit smoothies as a sort of dessert substitute (dessert is definitely the hardest to do on dietary restrictions, this is DH’s go-to treat). French Market - Na Awlin’s Salad - Lettuce Medley, Julienned Yams, Granny Smith Apples, caramelized Pecans, Lentils, and Tart Cherries with a sweet Citrus Vinaigrette. Also have a kids pasta dish with marinara and I’m betting they’d do a rice noodle like they have at other pasta vendors. Village Haus over in Fantasyland has Apple & Cheddar Salad - Apples, Fresh Greens, Craisins® Dreid Cranberries, Golden Raisins, and Candied Walnuts (ask for no cheese and a vinaigrette dressining). And again, always ask, especially at table service restaurants, to speak to the chef, as they will often create something for you off-menu using what they have in the kitchen. There are fewer options displayed upfront than many other places, but most chefs we’ve encountered are more than willing to spend time with you and figure out something that works.

And yes, the watermelon salad at Hungry Bear is pretty amazing, as is the view of Rivers of America while you eat :slight_smile:

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The smoothies as Schmoozies are great. I have a banana allergy and they were great in keeping my order free from cross contamination. There is a Gluten free thread on the Disboard Disneyland forum that has a very detailed list of gluten free options on property.