VB on days it closes at 8pm

7/30 we plan on going to VB to experience it at night. It closes at 8pm. We will have Express passes so planned on sleeping in until noon. Any tips or words of cautions? Ty

Did you try asking in chat? I’ve been following along with your trip planning there. VB questions are completely welcome there even though it’s called “WDW Chat”. I’ll bet someone will chime in over there.

@gingerbeer- is this an old thread or is this in addition to your other VB questions in the other thread you have?

Trying not to double answer/post

Brand new post. I’m full of questions trip is in a few weeks. Thank you for any insight. Since we have Express passes and want to enjoy it at night im wondering what our strategy should be.

@gingerbeer , last I saw no me responded to you question on chat. I believe @bebe80 suggested on Ini chat that this forum usually had quicker Uni responses. Your other thread tge suggestion was to get there early. Did you start this thread because you know that won’t happen?

Didn’t someone recently arrive at VB later in the day?

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Yes, I’m finding that for planning purposes the forum will be very helpful with lots of “traffic” especially M-F. Nothing wrong with Chat, there’s some good UOR pros over there too.

@gingerbeer the forums are better for back and forth conversation. Plus sharing of photos, longer posts, & follow up questions, it’s just easier. Also, instead of creating 4 threads with different VB questions in the title, you can just create 1 thread and call it “Volcano Bay questions” or whatever. :wink: The liners here will continue to monitor as your new questions get posted. Your questions will get answered.

Also, an FYI for newbie forum users, there’s a progressive web app (from the Discourse forum software) that allows you to put an icon on your phone home screen. It’s actually a self-contained browser but appears like a real app:

Your phone browser should give you an option to make this “shortcut.”

I know you’ve already been to VB once. You hopefully know what attractions you like best and what to focus on. There will be variables, like the weather. And weekend vs. mid week crowd difference of course. So even if you have a plan, be flexible as you go.

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