Van Rental Advice

Trip for 8 people, flying in to MCO, driving to visit relative, staying USF 2 nights, then BWI 7 nights. Renting a 12 passenger van seems like our best option (minivans will accommodate people but not people + luggage ).
So I rented a van through Avis, which will need to be returned off site (Lake Buena Vista Hilton, I think) right across from DTD. Figured, I can drop off at end of night after we arrive at WDW walk to DTD & take bus back to BWI. Then we will use WDW transportation/Magical Express for the rest of our trip.
Alamo/National has drop off location at Dolphin, but when I booked, prices were $250+ more expensive. And checking now, I don’t even see 12 passenger vans listed as a possibility.
Does this plan seem logical/feasible? Anyone have any better options/ideas?
Thanks in advance!

Maybe check with Mears about what options they would have for taking your crew to USF and then BWI - no hassles with renting and returning that way.

@brklinck - We will need to get to Winter Haven and back on our first day, with all the luggage, so I don’t think there’s any way we can avoid renting a vehicle.

Another option would be renting for the whole time you are down there, returning to MCO. Sometimes longer duration rentals that begin and end at the airport can be cheaper than renting at one site and returning to another.

@brklinck - Just revisited Avis and the prices have SKYROCKETED since I booked in January! It’s now $350 more for the van for the 3 days I booked (on par with Alamo/National), $1200 more to keep it for the week!!! Glad I booked when I did!
I really just want to make sure that it won’t be too much of a big deal/hassle to return to the Hilton.
Does anyone have any experience with this?

Keep checking back - car rental prices fluctuate wildly, and unless you did a pre-pay deal you can always rebook if you see a better rate and cancel the original one.

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I was talking to a friend today that is renting at the airport and returning to DTD three days later before checking into YC. I told his- take a cab to YC after you drop off the car!

@PrincipalTinker- Why the cab?
Also, in looking at my plans, I will probably be going from DTD to meet the rest of the clan at MK, not back to BWI.
It looks like SSR is right next to DTD, would it be any better to take a bus from there, instead?

I am suggesting a cab because I think the cost is low compared to the time savings. If you have to walk to DTD and then get a bus. You cannot take a bus directly to MK. You will have to go to a resort and then transfer or walk ( from CR) to MK.