Value vs. Moderate

Okay, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve stayed in a Moderate resort. So forgive me for this silly question…

Is there really that much of a difference in comfort between the value and the moderate? Last year we stayed at Pop, and while I really didn’t mind the hotel itself - the beds were very uncomfortable and the walls were paper thin. We heard the toilets flushing above us, the people on either side of us… it was like we were all in the same room. I’m trying to avoid that the next go round.

So, that being said. I’m looking at about a $370 difference between All Star Movies and POR. Is it worth it? I think AS Movies would be cute for our daughter, but she’s not going to remember it anyway! She’s only 2.

Opinions please!

Last year I visited All Stars Music. I have booked a return stay for All Stars Music again. I did not have any noise issues for the most part, but I was really only there to sleep, so I may have been too tired to notice.

I found the beds ok, the room is smallish, but it works. Very small dresser only 3 drawers.

I will note in the off chance you are traveling late at night and the buses are combined movies is the last stop, it’s Coronado springs, sports, music, movies.

I have also stayed at POR and POFQ, both were very beautiful. You had a larger bathroom area with 2 sinks, larger dresser, 2 queen beds. If I recall rightly you did hear the toilets as the are industrial flushing toilets. The grounds are gorgeous. The pools have more theming and have a slide.

If my family of four were to travel I would rather have the larger room, but we do not travel together anymore, the kids want nothing to do with the grownups. But if they did, 2 room would be great, but a moderate could fit us too, all four of us, almost all adults now, will not be comfortable in the value rooms.

For a vacation with a 2 year old, go for the value, and maybe book a preferred room as this will put you closest to the lobby, and most likely any groups that may be staying at the resort at the time are unlikely to pay the extra for a preferred room.

I think having queen size beds at a moderate is well worth the extra money. My husband is very tall and we don’t fit in the value double beds.

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I’ve actually had very little experience with mods. When I go solo, I stay at POP, if I go with DW we either rent points or stay at SoG. The one mod I have stayed in was CBR, shortly after it opened. I remember virtually nothing about the room itself; my memories are of the LONG walk to the food/court, a cool pool (that I didn’t use), and very undependable internal busses I had planned on staying at POFQ this September, but when the DLR opportunity came up for August, I changed plans. FWIW, having visited all of the Mods, POFQ is the only one that I would want to stay at.

That was the other issue with Pop. The full sized beds we’re too tiny for myself and my husband. So I do think a bigger room may be better. Plus, we still need to take mid day breaks with our DD…

I did book Riverside just so I wouldn’t lose the deal. If we decide to change it, I know we can.

The last time I stayed at Port Orleans I think was in '96. And Riverside was still Dixie Landings!

My family stayed at Riverside and we absolutely loved it. The curtain that blocks off the bathroom area was great for changing privacy and let me shower while my husband and sons were still sleeping. Our room was very quiet, but still easily accessible to everything. The buses worked really well for us, and you have the option of taking the French Quarter bus back from the parks if you notice that the Riverside bus line is longer. We did not regret the cost at all.

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We have stayed at all of the moderates, and they are definitely worth the extra space and quiet. Very peaceful. Walls are not thin, beds are bigger, I have never heard a toilet flush from another room nearby. You won’t regret choosing a moderate!