Value resorts

why are all the value resorts “not available” in the middle of May? can they really by completely full? All of Them?

I am not sure of your exact dates, but a quick search of 5/14-19 shows me all 3 All Stars, POP, and AOA are available. You might want try adjusting your dates a day or two in either direction to find availability. Good luck!

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I have run into this problem in the past. WDW has blocks of rooms at each resort designated for certain lengths of stay. If you are looking at a length of stay that is not typical, the website might show no availability. But like @Wahoohokie says, if you play around with your length of stay, availability might pop up.

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You can also look at 4 night and 3 night stays. The resort may only be full one night. Splitting the stay may get more results.

There was a PIN for All Stars mid-week, mid-May that may have booked a lot of the rooms as well.

Thanks for this idea. I had never heard that they might limit a stay. I will try to work around this.