Value resorts during Pop Warner

Can anyone speak to just how “crazy” values are during Pop Warner? We are planning to stay at Pop on our trip this December. My biggest concern is just noise as we will have an infant, 3yo, and 5yo with us. I will definitely request a top floor room, but I am second guessing if we should try for a different resort. It would likely mean dropping days off the trip if we do so.

I stayed at Pop in December during Pop Warner. They basically took over the 80’s and 90’s sections and it seemed very loud over there every time I walked by. My original room was there, sandwiched between many rooms with cheerleader decor on the doors. I saw the room and immediately went to the front desk to change to another area. I am light sleeper and was not taking any chances. They moved me to a top floor in the 70’s and it was a wonderfully quiet stay. I never heard anyone really once in the room. I had friends in the 50’s area that week as well, they said it was very quiet as well. Another friend was at Caribbean Beach and she said it was very noisy with cheerleaders. I never went to the food court or rode the buses, so no idea how those areas were. Pop will be fine as long as you are not in whatever area they put all the Pop Warner players and cheerleaders.

We have also been at Pop during Pop Warner. We stayed in the 90s, which was pretty OK, except for a few evenings where the cheer squads would practice their routines on the computer keyboard at the computer pool. Wasn’t too disruptive otherwise. Kind of funny to watch “teenagers be teenagers” as they roamed the resort…nothing wild and crazy, just funny to reminisce how we acted as teens.

I wouldn’t hesitate asking the front desk for a room change if you find it’s too loud. Every group has its own personality, so it’s hard to say how they’ll act.

Thank you guys for the feedback! We really like Pop and by December it will have Skyliner access, so we really didn’t want to switch. I will definitely request a quiet area on my room request and at the front desk.