Value of EMH

We are heading to Disneyland in August, I’m about to start planning our Touring Plans.

We have a 5 day Park Hopper that will allow us 1 EMH. Which is more valuable, the EMH at Disneyland or at California Adventure. And, depending on which one you answer, what attraction(s) are the ones to hit to take advantage of the EMH?

Thanks for any help or suggestions you provide!!


I would use if for DCA and hit Carsland - especially Radiator Springs Racers. If you use it for DL, clear as many FL attractions as you can.

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If you are using the Magic Morning that comes with your 3-day or more tickets, then you only have one choice, Disneyland. The EMH is for people who are staying at the hotels only.

When you go to DL with the early morning, only two lands are open, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. Generally everyone heads for Hyperspace Mtn. If it is important to you then head there. One time we were able to ride it twice before the park opening. If it is not important or you have really little kids, I would head to Fantasyland and get a head start on Peter Pan, if it is open.

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Disneyland’s early entry procedures can be a little bit convoluted, but @lmbc is exactly right.

EMH= Onsite hotel guests only, for everyday of your stay including check-in & check-out. There will be one park available each morning (generally Tues, Thur, Sat are DL & every other day is DCA).
MM (Magic Morning) = Any guest who has purchased 3 or more day tickets in advance of arrival (ie not at ticket booths at Disneyland). You get 1 morning only and only applies for use at Disneyland when it is open early (generally Tues, Thur, Sat). So it runs concurrent with DL’s EMH for on-site guests.

If you are staying onsite, definitely absolutely 100% take advantage of EMH in DCA because it’s only open to onsite hotel guests and there aren’t very many at Disneyland Resort.

If you have the Magic Morning, I love using it for a 7am Magic Morning at Disneyland. My personal preference is Fantasyland and Peter Pan to start (Although if I’m not right in the first 50-100 or so people for Peter Pan, I go to Alice in Wonderland instead). At 7am Magic Morning though you can usually get a 20 min or less wait for Peter Pan which is the least it will be all day. I love to do Fantasyland first because there are no FPs for any of it and the walkways are narrow so coming back to navigate after crowds arrive is challenging & at times frustrating.

If Tomorrowland is more your speed, then Hyperspace, Nemo, Star Tours & are great Magic Morning priorities as well (but Star Tours & Hyperspace both do have FPs & I prefer Tomorrowland at night all lit up beautifully & with the Star Wars music fully piped through the speaker system so I only start here if we are itching for a Star Wars fix and will be in DCA or doing a specific nighttime show that prevents us from working in Tomorrowland FPs).

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Well, that certainly clears up some confusion I had, I thought I had a choice of which park, apparently not. That’s okay though, because I have a 5 year old and a 12 year old who is a kid at heart and we love Fantasyland in WDW.

Thank you both very much for the advice!!