Validating Canadian tickets

Hello! We will be arriving this Friday at Disney world and will be going to the magic Kingdom on Saturday. We have purchased the Canadian ticket offer discount and we apparently need to show proof of Canadian citizenship before being allowed into the park for the first time. I heard I do this at a guest services location. We have an 8am PPO reservation at Be Our Guest. Will be be able to do this (ie will they be open) before our reservation. I really don’t want to have to go to Disney springs or somewhere the night before!

Thanks for your help!

You just need to show your passports when entering the first park of your trip, same time you scan your magic band.

Do you mean show the passport at the tapstiles? That’s what we did at Disneyland a few years back, but we were distinctly told that we would have to go to Guest Services at WDW to activate the tickets.

Yes that is what I meant. We did that at WDW in 2005 and 2018 and at Disneyland in 2016, all 3 times with no issue. Maybe it’s hit or miss ? Was really simple and easy for us but maybe we were lucky ?

Huh, well that would be easy. Wouldn’t it be nice if Disney would give you a straight answer about how to do something?! Even our travel agent who has had many clients use the Canadian tickets can only tell us that we “might” be able to activate them at our hotel. Some people have been able to while others were told no.

Man looks like we did get lucky ! That is really annoying if you get to the turnstiles and you have to go back to the hotel or something. Never realized we were running that risk !!!

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I think at worst you would have just had to go over to the Guest Services booth, so not back to the hotel. Our hope was to be able to get the tickets activated when we checked in so that we wouldn’t have to take our passports to the park and no one can tell us whether that will work for sure.


We were just there. Our first day was HS and we were told we had to go to the Ticket Booth to activate our tickets before going through the tapstiles. There was a long line at the Ticket Booth too :frowning: We were not asked to show our passports, but I would definitely bring them just in case!

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Our family just got back last week, used the same deal. Our first day was at AK, and we had to get the tickets verified at at the ticket booth, they could NOT do it at the turnstiles. I expect MK would be the same. The good news for you is that the ticket booth will always open at least 30 minutes before the first PPO reservation. I doubt you’ll have much of a line that early in the morning. Plan on arriving a few minutes early for your 8AM ADR, and have driver’s licenses or passports for all adults with you. They didn’t ask for children’s IDs, although we did bring them with us just to be safe.

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Thank you @AkronAaron! This helps as I was not sure when they would be open… ie if they would be open before our PPO reservation!