Valet Parking Fail Today

Our plans for the day were to pop into MK for a couple of hours, then tour the monorail resorts looking at Christmas decorations, finishing up with dinner at 1900 Park Fare. I had intended to just park at TTC, but at the last minute decided to call an audible and just valet at GF since we would finish our day there. At the gate there was a sign saying only those with ADRs and such would be allowed in. Well, when the gate guard saw that our ADR wasn’t until 6:30 and that we had a lunch ADR at MK, he said no dice. I said we were planning to valet, he said sorry, it’s too busy and made us turn around. Maybe if we hadn’t had the ADR at MK we would have been ok, I don’t know. Just thought I would share my experience.

On Thanksgiving we had an ADR for Storybook and we arrived about half an hour before and valeted at WL. After dinner we went to MK for a couple of hours and returned after the fireworks. No problems there.

So my guess would be that if you want to valet during the holidays, you better have an ADR scheduled in the hour or two after your arrival at the resort.


Are you going to do a trip report (or maybe doing one I missed)? I’m especially interested to hear how your RotR experience works out next week!


Parking at several resorts at very busy times can be a complete no-go, valet or not. Seems like those busy times are getting more frequent.

It is also possible they could say no to parking at a monorail resort even with an ADR and redirect you the TTC. At the EPCOT resorts there’s the Boardwalk overflow parking they can direct you too, although the Yacht Club has convention parking.