Valentine's Day weekend crowds

I just booked a short trip for Feb 13-15. I was really surprised that the crowd level is a 10! For those who have been in the past, how bad is it?
I believe @OBNurseNH went over Valentine’s day, if I remember correctly.

Rides aren’t really going to be the focus, it will mainly be Arts Festival and enjoying the hotel. But, now I am wondering if the crowds at the Arts Festival will be unbearable??

I was there last year :heart: It was a really special trip for me and DH.

Honestly, I don’t feel qualified to comment much on park crowds. We only visited AK during normal park hours; we spent a LOT of time at Disney Springs and did the After Hours event at Magic Kingdom. I don’t recall anything specific about AK that day that would make me feel the crowds were exceptionally large. I do vaguely remember feeling a little bit crowded at the Tree of Life near where the main two shops are as we waited to find Kevin. But otherwise nothing stuck out.

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The 15th is the Saturday for President’s Day weekend?

I went last year at that time and it was very crowded. Expect the level 10, they’re not fibbing.

shoot, you are right. Darn. In my excitement at finding a decent deal on the Riviera, I got too excited and overlooked President’s day.
Oh well, we will still have fun! And, will just plan on Epcot on Thursday and hope for the best!

Did you happen to go to Epcot? That is the one I am most concerned with since I have never been to the Festival of the Arts and that was the primary focus for the trip

I did go to Epcot and that park felt the least crowded, even back in the World Showcase. I think you’ll be OK there.

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I have done it President’s week the last two years. I would suggest focusing on it on Thursday and Friday (early).

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