Vacay (Cedar Point Trip Report)

Heading out soon for a mini two-night, 3 day vacation to CP. So, I probably won’t be on again for a few days. Have fun, y’all. I know I will be! (Millennium Force, here I come!)


Have fun!

What is the forecast? Where do you stay when you go?

We have arrived. Staying at Hotel Breakers. We never stay overnight, so this is a new experience. A couple photos of our room view and part of the room


Forecast is nice. Mid 60s to 70s in day. But Friday there might be rain. We shall see.


Is that right next to the park?

Yes. We walk to the park.

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Never been looks beautiful!

How many members of your family went? Did you need to get two rooms? Does this count as preseason?

Five people, but on Friday my DS21 and DIL and DS19 are coming just for that day.

This is first week parks are open, so it practically empty! Anyhow, more pictures from the Boardwalk…


Wow! So glad you posted this. I was just on their website thinking about a trip there. Long story short, we’re from California and are heading to Ohio in July. We’ve decided to add a side trip to CP but we know next to nothing about it. We will get a room at the Breakers and try the waterpark, too. I’d love to read more about your experience, so please post when you get home. What room type did you get?

There are cheaper places to stay, but it is nice to just be able to walk to the park. Also you get early entry, which is a bonus.

The rooms are cute, although a little weirdly laid out. We got a Lakeside Suite. Has two beds and a pull out couch. There are vacation packages if you book through them, and ours included tickets and dr8nk band for unlimited drinks in the park.

Oh, it has been so long since i was at Cedar Point. So long ago niether boy was tall enough for Top Fuel Dragster. They are 22 and 25 now


I went once in the mid-80’s. Remember it fondly. It was a bucket-list type thing for my dad. Some great coasters and Demon
Drop :+1:

Got an early start. Super short lines, but limited things open. Done these…Gatekeeper, twice…Val Ravn once and Maverick twice (photo shows our line!). Oh, and Skyhawk.


Cargo pockets! And Blue Streak.


In line for Wicked Twister. My son really is having a good time. Just doesn’t like Dad photographing him.


Tell him you’re going to put it on your MySpace page. That will annoy him in more than 1 way!


Kickin’ it old school…and the point when I discover that a 46 year old body finds these tame fun rides a puke hazard.

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Why no millennium force yet?
That was still new last time I was there. Waited a couple hours for it.