Vacationlanders go on vacation mid-June 2021

So we are from Maine and have been dreaming of taking a trip back to the World. School ended and so we hopped on a plane and headed south! DH and DS16 decided to say back home for this one so it was myself DS13 and DD10. We arrived Saturday 6/12 and left late on Thursday 6/17.

I had originally received a pin code back in 2020 enticing us to book a trip and at the time I picked the dates without much thought. I picked a resort (YC) thinking I would most certainly not be going on this trip but didn’t want to loose the chance to cash in on the pin code deal. As the time got closer and things were looking brighter, my DH said why don’t you just go? We were all vaccinated except for DD10 and things were opening up around us here in Maine.

We looked though and realized that we had a lot of points that would give us an almost no cost package at the Dolphin with meal credits and an extra day from my original dates. Also we basically flew for free so we were definately going!

I booked us four day park hopper plus tickets (included water parks and more). The kids were already asking about pool time and definately wanted to go to a waterpark. I figured we would try to keep things low key and not go my usual comando touring style and instead go with the flow. We had to reserve our park days but lucked out with the system opening up a few times during our planning so we could book the parks we wanted. Also having a hunch this was going to happen I did book dining for us at the 60d point. Most of that changed along the way but I did keep the Sci Fi reservation.

Saturday morning we drove down to Boston and left our car at Park n Fly to be detailed while we were gone. We have used them before and have had good service. After our shuttle to the airport, we waited to board our 12:15pm Jet Blue flight. And waited. Our flight was delayed about 45min and then when we arrived at MCO there was severe weather that delayed our bags being taken off of the plane. We had to wait over an hour in baggage claim. I had never had that happen before!
We then called Uber and had no problems getting a ride and paid about $35.We actually ended up using Uber a fair amount over our trip especially with going to BB and never had a problem getting a ride.

Off to the Dolphin we went! It was now about 5pm. We loved the lobbies of both Swan and Dolphin (our driver accidentally dropped us at the Swan). Our room was nice and we were in the West tower of Dolphin which was very close to the Grotto pool. Key for us!

We unpacked and headed down to the pool. We easily found lounge chairs. The Cabana Bar had a nice menu. They made it super easy to order. Each chair had a tag to scan that linked to the menu to order. The staff brought our cool drinks and left them pool side for us! Then our food arrived. I had a tuna poke bowel that was delicious. Kids made pool friends and we swam the night away. Finally we got to bed to rest up for our early RD AK the next morning! I will post some picutures and continue on with our park days in a bit.



I am excited for you!!! Glad to hear getting an Uber went well. Can’t wait to hear about your experience with AK RD!!

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Hope you don’t mind questions — how was the check in procedures? Is there a way to skip it or do you have to get in line in the lobby?

I’m actually not sure if you can skip check in. We skipped check out by texting. Information for that was near the front desk. There was not a line for check in and service over all at the Dolphin was wonderful for us. Our cleaning service was only on the third day. But everyday there was a housecleaner and cart near our room and I just asked for extra supplies when needed. They even gave us multiple Dasani water bottles when we arrived and throughout our stay!

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I’m from vacationland too! I never knew the park and fly did detailing while you were gone. I’ve parked there when flying out of BOS, but never used that service. Love the pics so far!


Sunday 6/13 was our AK morning. We woke up around 6:30 and were quick to get out the door. I originally thought we would walk to YC to take a Disney bus but the kids were tired with the early wake up call and we decided to try to Dolphin transportation. We got to the bus area around 7:10 and a bus came a few minutes after. We were walking to Pandora a little after 7:30. We walked to the end of the FOP line that started to extend back toward Africa but felt like it kept moving until we boarded. It slowed at points but no real long stops. We had never seen the queue before and were entertained during our wait.

We had been on FOP before and it had been DD’s favorite ride. We all enjoyed it this time and it does blow me away every time but I think we all new what to expect. So it didn’t have the same thrill component to it. And it turns out that DD had become a thrill seeker and wanted the biggest, fastest rides over and over!

Next we headed to Asia and Everest at about 8:40. We rode 2 times in a row with minimal wait each time. The kids were contemplating another go but I wasn’t sure I could handle it! The line started to build a little at that point too.

At 9:20 we were watching the monkeys in their habitat and then went to KRR. It was almost a walk on. We didn’t get too wet. Just enough to feel good. DD was going to change into her flip flops but didn’t and her sneakers stayed dry.

At 9:40 we stopped at Isle of Java and had cool drinks (iced coffee for me) and some doughnuts. We always asked for iced waters whenever we stopped. We sat near the water there and watched some flotillas go by.

Then off to Dinosaur! Time stamp for ride was 10:12. We had never been on this one before. I knew it follows the track of Indiana Jones in DL but I wasn’t as impressed by it. It was still fun and we enjoyed it though.

On the way out we stopped for DD to have a caricature made in Dinoland. It was really fun and CM was great. DS who is into art himself enjoyed just watching how the CM created the picture so easily and added details.

By then it was 10:30 and we went in to see ITTBAB. We love that show everytime. The kids never want to miss it. I love looking at the Tree of Life on the way.

Then we headed to our 11:10 Yak and Yeti reservation. It was our first time here. I booked us lunch and dinner most days so that we would not have to deal with QS in the heat. This was one of our favorites of the trip. I had the tuna nachos and was in heaven eating them. DS got pot stickers which is a favorite for him anywhere we go. DD I think got chicken fingers most every where we went but at least with the Disney kids meals they always came with some healthy sides. I felt like I ate a ton but barely made a dent in the nachos! I had the Everest refresher that also was super refeshing.

As we left the restaurant, it started raining so I recommended going on the safari. It was about 12:45. In the past I knew that the safari stays open during storms and that some of the animals like feeling the rain. On our ride a huge clap of thunder came. I think the storm was right above us! There was concern that a tree near by had been hit and our driver kept radioing in about some of the animals. She appologized that she was not commentating but the ride was still super eventful! It really felt like an adventure! The rhinos were loving the rain and were rolling around in the big puddles that were forming.

We then walked around Africa and Asia. Kids did not want to go on the trails. But were up for ice cream so we were off the Anandapur truck. We ate by the water and I think saw some more flotillas. We did walk some trails around Tree of Life and then headed out to take the bus over to BB!

We arrived about 2:30 and since it had been storming there was no one there! We rode all of the slides including summit plummit! Eventually around 5 it started raining and storming again. So we left and ended up taking the bus back to AK and then YC because my phone died and I couldn’t call an Uber!

Next up we walk over to Epcot for dinner…


Sounds like you made the most out of your day (despite the storms!). That’s the Disney spirit! :+1: :clap:
Thanks for sharing

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I love a trip report with lots of pictures.