Vacation Questions

Hi! I am going on vacation with a family of 6, which entails 3 kids ages F13, F11, M8, during spring break of 2018. Any recommendations on how to keep the 8 year old boy entertained while all the girls are visiting princesses?

you are in WDW - it is the epicenter of entertainment. Just go and see some attractions

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My DD3 will be visiting lots of princesses this trip so I’ve found rides and other attractions close by to each meet & greet that my sons will enjoy and they will visit those instead.

I have seen a number of trip reports where people were surprised at how much their boys enjoyed seeing the princesses. The CMs who play, oops, I mean are the princesses can pay a lot of attention to boys, who for some reason all of a sudden decide it is kind of cool to have attractive young ladies around them. Go figure…

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Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, or the Pirates League.

I have done Sorcerers, not Pirates. My boys loved Sorcerers and we still have their cards as souvenirs. It would be great to do it together too, and you can choose which land to do it in.

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