Vacation package type

Hi! I’m thinking about booking the HP Vacation Package. It gives you breakfast reservations at both Leaky Cauldron and Three Broomsticks. I’ve never been to Universal before. Are reservations a must? Is the food good enough to be worth the extra money? My kids are HP fans and we are thinking of devoting 1 day to that area. Was thinking of maybe eating one meal in LC and another in 3 Broomsticks on the same day instead.

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I did this when it was first released. …in fact it was the soft opening. We had great fun but I recall that the UG has calculated that the package is more expensive than buying each element separately. You do get a cuddly owl though and they may give special entry to the new HP coaster/ride when it opens. Universal are very good at allowing you to change packages if you buy directly from them.

Typically, packages are not a good deal. Tickets are usually cheaper through Undercover Tourist and reservations for those restaurants are not required. That being said, if you want to book everything in one place, have at it!

When I looked into it, it wasn’t cheaper. UT was cheapest for tickets and they are the tickets not emails you need to exchange when you arrive.

When I looked at this package, it had a minimum night stay which was more than the 3 nights I really wanted to devote to the trip (I think it was 4 or 5 night minimum). It ended up being cheaper to just get tickets and stay at a premium hotel with express passes. Reservations aren’t accepted at either restaurant, so I’m not even sure why that’s part of the vacation package. For us, it was just cheaper to build our own vacation plan at a premium hotel and devote one entire day to HP and another to everything else.