Vacation Insurance?

I’m debating on the vacation insurance. This will be our third trip as a family and I have never purchased it before, but for some reason I’m thinking I should this time. Any experience with vacation insurance and if it is worth the cost?

I didn’t purchase it the first time. I was an anxious, nervous-wreck until I got on the plane.
I purchased it the 2nd time and don’t regret the $$ spent.

I will purchase it again for our Oct 2018 trip.

Whether it is worth it to you is a decision only you can make.

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We’re debating it now for our Disney trip, but always get it for cruises. We use to compare insurers, coverages and costs.

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I’ve been buying insurance for the last 7 trips or so. We travel mainly in the winter. 3 years ago, the northeast was hit with a blizzard. We had to stay 3 extra days in Disney (boo hoo!). Insurance covered $150 per day/per person for lodging, transportation and food costs. We ended up staying at AoA in a suite!

There are many options out there. Just be sure to choose something that would meet your needs if something should happen. It will also cover lost or delay bags. And, remember, your trip begins when you step out your door and doesn’t end until you are back at your home.

1 Like has some useful information trip insurance:

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I never purchased trip insurance. Then two September’s ago, I booked a trip to San Francisco, sightseeing, two nights club level at Giants Stadium, etc. also because of my then job I traveled regularly. The four weeks after San Fran were: meetings in Vegas, conference in Chicago, conference in Nebraska, four days in San Diego visiting family, a week in Phoenix, and a second trip to Las Vegas… the Tuesday before our Friday trip to San Fran, I had emergency gallbladder surgery. I ended up making all of my travel, with stitches… and incredibly exhausted, going through diet changes etc. Now I ALWAYS buy travel insurance. I ended up letting a nurse coworker remove my stitches because I couldn’t schedule a follow up appointment around my crazy schedule.

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Ok, so my 2 cents is to always get insurance. We had one person in our party have a stroke in Portugal and it covered cost of 1wk hospital stay, change of hotel plans x2ppl and changing international flights for 3 ppl, travel nurse, and ill person had to ride first class due to certain rules. On another trip, had family member pass away (not on trip) during MNSSHP and 2 ppl had to miss the cruise portion…covered cruise expenses and others changing flights. Finally, this last trip to Iceland, 1 person got a 7mm kidney stone 6 hours before the flight and required surgery…covered tour costs (and xtra tour costs). Would have covered airline, but since we had already checked in (and for security reasons can’t cancel portion of your party w/o explanation), Delta went ahead and refunded directly as they were overbooked anyways. Our new philosophy is not IF something will happen, but to WHOM and how much it will affect our vacation. If, however I were planning a weekend trip and would not mind being out the smaller amt money, don’t worry about it.


I can’t say much about trips other than Disney, but Disney’s offered insurance is quite reasonable. I have however booked via MVT and they allow cancelation up to 5 days prior so don’t need insurance for the Disney portion. The flight however is a different story as it is covered if you have Disney’s offered insurance plan but if not you would have to buy it separately. Very expensive compared to Disney’s insurance plan. One other thing about travel insurance is that if you should need to use it, the proof of cancelation paper work is unbelievable. I was fortunate when we had to cancel our trip because my brother in law died. Disney refunded everything except the insurance cost and Delta airline gave us a voucher for a year to fly. Insurance wanted statements from his doctors as well as a death certificate when he died, in order to cover the trips expenses. Lot of work at a bad time.

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