Utensils for Amazon Prime groceries

Hi, we’re going to use Amazon Now for some simple groceries like cereal & milk. What do we do for bowls/spoons? I don’t want to pack any, do we need to also order disposable bowls/spoons? I hate to be wasteful and do this since we’ll probably only use a few out of the pack. We’re staying at Poly, is there a place to get them there (I know they don’t have a food court)?
Side note: my parents are staying in a villa while we have a regular room at Poly. Will their room have bowls/spoons since there’s a little kitchenette?

Quick Serve at Poly is Captain Cooks. They have plastic utensils freely available.

I always pack a small stack of disposable bowls and a package of disposable spoons. They only take up space that will be filled with souvenirs on the way back, if that.

Thank you for asking this!! Staying at Gran Destino in December and have been wondering this myself.

Thanks all!

I’ve gotten spoons from the food court and ordered disposable bowls.

Just bring plastic not paper bowls, and pick up some plastic utensils at Capt. Cooks.