UT ticket

I purchased a ticket from UT and I have never done that before. The ticket came in the mail and I noticed that on the card, it has a date: 8.15.17. We are going to the park on 8.16.19 and it is a 3 day ticket.
I just want to make sure the 2017 date isn’t an issue before I link the ticket in MDE.

Probably a good idea to call them (UT) first. Looks like a typo, but I wouldn’t risk linking it until you confirm it isn’t a mistake on UT’s part.

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UT is really good about their customer service, so yes, give them a call.

The date you see is the printing date

Mine had that too, but it did also have the correct start date. I assumed it was an old date from their stock of tickets. I haven’t tried to link mine to MDE yet.

I called and they said the date printed on the card is for Disney’s use (I assume like you did that it is from their stock of tickets) and that the dates listed on the sheet of paper are the dates that matter (those dates are correct). I just linked them and there were no issues. Seeing that old date just made me nervous!

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Thank you for checking and replying back!

I got my UT tickets last week and had the same panic. Called and was reassured.