Using your magicband for purchases

After adjusting my reservation to get a room discount I now have a negative balance. My Disney TA suggested not processing the refund to by debitcard so that I don’t lose money in the conversion (from Australia) and just use my balance to purchase things when I’m there in September.

But I don’t understand exactly. Am I able to charge purchases to my room using the magicband and that will come off my negative balance and then pay the difference if I go over it at checkout?

Or can I ONLY use my magicband if I have a card linked to it? I’ve asked my travel agent but will probably get a faster response here. Thanks all!

When you charge to a magic band you are charging against your room only. It does not charge directly to a credit card. If you don’t have an onsite room you can use a magic band for tickets and FFP but NOT charging purchases since it only charges them against a room reservation.

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Everyone in my party and I used our magic bands to charge everything to my room. I then checked with the front desk each evening to pay off the balance (with cash or gift cards). I loved not having to worry about paying with cash or card during the day and just taking care of it all at once.
I didn’t start with a negative balance, but I’m assuming if you do, anything you charge to your room with your magic bands will first be applied to the negative balance you have. For example, if your starting balnace is -$200, and on day 1 you charge $250 to your room with your magic bands, at the end of that first day you’d owe$50.
You actually don’t have to pay it off each day. You can keep accumulating and at a certain threshold they will charge the credit card you have on file. We just paid ours each day because we had gift cards and cash and didn’t want our credit card to get charged.

Good Luck!


Great, thank you!

That’s great that you can pay the balance at the end of the day. Thanks so much