Using Visa Giftcards for tickets

I have $250 in Visa Giftcards. I want to use them to buy our Universal tickets, but it won’t cover the entire cost and the website doesn’t like that (keeps saying that my card isn’t valid). Is there a way for me to use Visa Giftcards for some of the cost, and a debit card for the rest of the cost? Do they sell tickets over the phone? Maybe that would work?

You should be able to do it over the phone. Or you can can contact a TA and have them do it. (TA’s are 100% free to use - they get paid by the parks)

I paid for my last trip using mostly the “free” sign-up and referral bonuses from multiple credit cards. I told my TA the exact amounts for each card to use - no issues.

So I called and it turns out that you can only use two forms of payment or two cards when you buy tickets at the front gate, not online or over the phone. I am not using a TA unfortunately

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