Using the tram to get to DLR without parking in the log

We are staying offsite in a condo this June due west of the parking garages.

Is there a pedestrian route to get into the Pixar Pals parking structure and hop onto a tram? I know we will be going through security there if we can get in.

I’m pretty sure you will have to take the walkway that goes over Magic Way. You maybe could walk into the parking structure via the car exit, but I’m guessing they don’t want you to do this and could be slightly dangerous. There’s no entrance from the sidewalk now that they have the path going over the street. To get to that walkway, you either have to walk well into the parking lot, or there is a gate on the corner of Magic Way and Disneyland Drive. I would hope with parks fully open that gate is also open. It was not open when we went to Touch of Disney.