Using the monorail from DLH

We are staying at the DLH. Is there a benefit to using the monorail at rope drop to get into DL or are we better off at rope drop to go to the DL entrance? Thanks in advance!

Hi. Always go to the main gates first thing in the morning. Use the monorail for breaks. It often doesn’t start running until after the park opens, and will put you behind the crowd at the front gates.

Great - will do! Thank you very much!

You are welcome! You will love DLH, it’s our favorite!

It’s our first time to visit southern California and DL. 20 days to go - we are very excited!!

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I would add that the GC gate into DCA is not a good idea for RD either. The bag check line is a complete bottleneck and it will actually take you longer to get into the park than walking to the main gate. It’s also on the opposite side of the park from Carsland, so you will be even further back in the crowds there. It IS, however, excellent for mid-day breaks.

Thanks! That is good to know. Can we exit the park through the GC gate in DCA during our mid-day break? Or is it an entrance-only sort of gate?

Yes, you can exit there too.

Ok - thanks!

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