Using The Forum

I love reading this forum and hearing all kinds of great stories, advice and comments
Thanks you all so far for helping me with my questions
What I would like to ask is: how do you do the cool inserts into your responses? I know how to link an article,
But how do you refer to one person… “@disneyfan
Do you just retype it in or this there a shortcut
And how do you insert part of their comments into your post…is there a shortcut for that too?


I highlighted your question and then hit “quote” it automatically adds it to your reply.

When you are replying your add @Tturnernd

If it is a thread with a lot of replies, usually the list of liners on that thread will pop up. You are the only one here so it did this:

If I wanted another liner and I started @… and added an m the list of Ms would come up

Do you see that I circled the upload button? That is the link to go to my photos.

In your messages you should have received a welcome email from @discobot. (Green message icon or look in your messages). There are two tutorials that give you badges. Or just ask here!


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Thanks @PrincipalTinker!!
You have been a wealth of knowledge on this forum :blush:
Hopefully both of the things I learned from your message worked here
(And it’s way more fun to ask and see what comes up!!)