Using the dining plan at Narcoossee's

We have the deluxe dining plan and know it will cost us 2 dining points. My question is since the menu is different than most where the sides are separated out from the entrée what all is included for your 2 points?

With the deluxe plan you will get an appetizer, entree and dessert. There are sides but when you get there the menu (which changes often) will have details on what is included with the entree. It will not be just a piece of meat or fish on a plate.


Thank you! When looking at them menu I wasn’t to sure how it would work. I like to know ahead of time what I’m doing :slight_smile: specially when it will cost me more than what I am already paying.


I ordered sides ONCE with the deluxe plan. It is so much food! With the apps, entree and dessert you will not want to eat for a big time!


No - you go to the Boathouse for that…