Using someone else's tickets and fastpasses

We are traveling this Spring, and bought 5 Day Armed Forces Salute Tickets. My husband has to leave a day early for military training and will no longer be able to attend our last day. We live overseas so we won’t be able to use it ticket another time this year. Can we book fast passes under his ticket/magic band in the park and use them? I understand that they they scan the magic band and fingerprints at the front, but once in the park will his fast passes be usable or will it recognized that he never scanned in at the beginning?


Currently the system does not recognize if a magic band has been scanned. You may book his fast passes and use them on the last day. Enjoy!


Yes, this works. I was just there with girlfriends and made FPP reservations on my kids’ linked tickets for our trip next month. I was able to use them easily.