Using someone else's magicband who is not in the park

Let’s say that DD and I both have a 2nd FP for FOP, but scheduled during her nap time and after our morning at EP, which wears her out. Can I hop to AK solo with her magic band, and use both hers AND mine to do two rides? In other words-will the system recognize her magic band if it is not tapped with her fingerprint at the tapstiles?

If the magicband is used without her having entered the park, her MDE account may be frozen. You’d be able to use the FP but I wouldn’t risk it.


I think it would be OK if she was in AK, badged in, did some stuff and then returned to the resort for a nap and then during the nap you used her band. Basically I don’t think DIS can track that she did indeed leave the park.

If you were at MK, did the nap while you hopped over to AK then I think it would be a problem as she was never in AK that day and may get her MDE account frozen as already noted.


Great to know-thank you!

Am I allowed to say this???

You could use your fastpass. Then use the ‘change party’ feature to transfer your daughter’s fastpass to your account.

hides head Please don’t shoot me!


Fascinating! I didn’t know there was such a feature/ability. (Thank you!). So I would go to my daughter’s FP, open it, and there is a “change party” button? Presumably near or similar to “modify”?

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Ah, I just found this thread as well:

Right, there was a podcast or two about it on backside of magic. The new updated app apparently no longer lets you do this so you need a laptop. Those guys are full of all kinds of interesting information!

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Recently the change party feature was removed from one of the operating system apps (either iOS or Android). This was apparently not a glitch, the plan is to remove the feature from all versions of the app plus the website.

I agree if the person has already entered the park in question, then it is fine to use it.

@missoverexcited, I believe that when you scan into the FP, and the band has not been used to enter the park, then the Mickey reader will highlight it as invalid. I certainly heard of being being denied access, and then the account being frozen.

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Someone tested it on chat a week or two ago and her daughter used the FP with no problem. She then came out of the park to return her MB and they both entered again. The account wasn’t frozen as the band had been used to enter.

But they had both entered the park. As long as you’ve entered the park in question, someone else can use your FPs, even if you leave.

But if your friend then hopped to another park and tried the same thing without you scanning into that park, that’s when you can have problems.

Have some people done it without problems? Yes. But others have been caught out and had their account frozen. And then it takes a visit to GS to get it sorted. Do it again and they may not be so forgiving.

And it’s not just the band that’s frozen. The whole MDE account is frozen. Personally I wouldn’t risk it.

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They hadn’t both entered the park when the FP was used -and it wasn’t flagged as invalid. That was my point. They had just arrived. Teen daughter entered alone, used the FP, then left and then they both entered.

She was actually supposed to be testing if her account would get frozen, but then entered the park so that part couldn’t be tested.

I did say that I wouldn’t risk it in my first post. But you can use the FP.

I definitely won’t risk it. Thanks for all of the info, everyone!

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You don’t need a laptop you just need to log in on a browser version. It can be done from a phone or tablet.

Another vote to use the change party feature from browser version. Just make sure you have completed all 3 FP and are elible for the 4th as a tier 1.

Hi! So are you saying that the change party feature is not available for any of the original (first three) FPP?

ok, everyone, Aunt B, etc. DD17 right now in HW. Grandparents did not enter today. (Grandparents will not use their full number of ticket days fwiw) 1. After she used her 3rd fp today, I could move GP fp to hers? 2. Could I cancel her 3rd one now to go ahead and take the RnR tier 1 now? Thank you all.

I’m almost certain you can’t move the tier 1 until she’s used her first 3.

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thank you. Awaiting her to use 3rd, we will see what happens :slight_smile:

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Yes this is correct.