Using Shuttles to the Parks

For the onsite shuttles do you need to reserve a spot or show a room key to use them? I was thinking about staying at a hotel close to Endless Summer and wanted to know if I could walk over to Endless Summer in the morning an use the shuttle for transportation to and from the parks.

The shuttles are available to all - no questions asked! Just go to the pick-up spots right outside the lobby and hop on!

They run, literally, every 5 minutes and you’ll be at CityWalk in about 6 minutes after that!! It’s great!

I will say Universal did a pretty good job of “walling off” the property from the “outside world” of I-4 and Kirkman Rd. You’ll have to hike to where the cars can enter the property and walk a bit to get to the hotel lobby.

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I have a friend who has done this exact thing with no issues. Just be check to see where the hotel is located, the walking entrance to Endless, and the bus location: it can be quite a far walk!

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