Using partial-day convention tickets at Universal?

I was thinking of buying a partial-day convention ticket for Universal Orlando rather than spring for a full-day ticket for a visit later this month since I’ll be arriving in Orlando after 2pm anyway.

For anyone who has experience with these tickets, does Universal actually require you to bring your convention badge to make use of these tickets, as it states in their fine print? I’ve bought Disney convention tickets in the past and I’ve never had to do that, so I’m wondering whether that fine print is actually enforced.

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Never saw Universal convention tickets available, would love to know more.

Bumping this old thread. Anyone have experience with convention tickets at UOR?

Did you ever try this or hear from anyone else who tried?

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FWIW, if you add one of those UOR con tix to the cart, the only delivery option is pick up at window.

Seems chance-y.


Hmmm it just says ID and credit card… still chancey I agree.

How much of a discount is it?

But the previous page says you need your conference badge as well, not just regular ID.

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