Using Park Hopper and Water Park Fun and More Options to attend Water Park before check in day

So, I have a 6 Day Park Hopper and Water Park and More ticket in connection with a MYW package to stay at CBR with free dining starting December 10th. I have an offsite hotel reservation on December 9th and want to know if I can take my family to Typhoon Lagoon on that day (the day before my package is supposed to start)? I’ve heard you can used a 6 day PH with WP option to attend for 12 days assuming you go to a Park for 6 days and water parks for 6 separate days, but I haven’t seen an example of someone attending a day before their check in day. If I can do this without losing my 6 park days that I plan to use Dec 10-16, can I activate my ticket at Typhoon Lagoon, or do I have to go somewhere else to get my ticket activated a day early?

I think you’ll end up activating your ticket on the first day of use. In this case, 12/9. If you are staying until 12/15 I think you’ll be out of luck as that would be day 7.

I’m not sure about: [quote=“alexandrea6, post:1, topic:28376”]
I’ve heard you can used a 6 day PH with WP option to attend for 12 days assuming you go to a Park for 6 days and water parks for 6 separate days,

We’ve had the water park fun & more tickets for the the last few years. You get the water park/more fun entitlements one per day for the length of your stay.

I’d strongly advise calling guest services and asking about the fine print on those tickets so you don’t inadvertently lose a park day.

I think your ticket is active for 14 days starting on the day of first use.

With Park Hopper, you’d have 6 different days on which you could visit as many of the 4 theme parks as you wanted each day. They can be any 6 days over the 14 day period.

With WFandM, you have 6 entitlements, not 6 days per se. So you can tap at waterparks, mini golf, DQ, etc. 6 times over that 14 day period. It is counted by experience, not actual calendar days, for these entitlements.

In terms of when the 14 days starts, it will be whenever you first use either a park or a WFandM entrance from your ticket.

I hope that helps!

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Or specifically, I think you’d be fine doing what you planned. You get the whole thing done well within your 14 days. :slight_smile: Also, just checking, but I’m assuming you only have FPP/plan to use 6 of the 7 days between Dec 10-16, right? I really think you should be fine!

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The only thing I’m still not 100% sure of is the fact that she has 6 day tickets…so if they are activated on “day 1” at the waterpark, does that count as 1 of 6? I understand that the tickets may have the 14 day expiration window (that’s what our tickets have because of who we buy them from), but that won’t really matter on day 7 if Disney considers all 6 days used already.
I hope I’m expressing my concern effectively.

With a 6 day ticket she has 6 days at the theme parks, MK, Epcot, HS and AK. The water parks etc option gives her an equal number of visits to the other attractions. All of which are good for 14 days from 1st use. So the water park on day 1 is day 1 of 14 in which to use the remaining 11 visits in total.

The water parks can be on the same or different days to the theme parks. As long as she uses her 6 days at the theme parks within 14 days of the 1st visit, in this case the water park, then she’ll be fine.

Does that make sense?

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Yes, thank you for clarifying that. Glad OP will be able to do exactly what they were planning to do!

Thank you all for your responses. I did go ahead and call Disney’s ticket line to verify that I would be able to do this. They confirmed that as long as I have my wristbands ahead of time, I would be able to attend a water park the day before my check in without losing any of my 6 planned park days. This is very exciting for me as I wanted to take my kids to the water parks, but didn’t want to miss out on a second in the parks! Just turned our 6 day vacation into 7 and will get the water park knocked out right off the bat so they don’t ask 5 gazillion times to go, lol. Disney said that with the wristbands, you can actually start going up to 10 days early for anyone who was wondering. As long as you don’t go into one of the 4 theme parks, you won’t lose a park day. That was important to me for multiple reasons, one being that I have dining reservations every night IN the parks.