Using old Magicbands

So, we last went to Disney in Summer of 2015 and are headed back in summer 2017 but this time staying offsite. Can we use old Magicbands if we purchase tickets from and outside vendor like Undercover Tourist, etc.? How do you link them?

Does anyone have any experience with linking to an old band to later find out the battery is dead? What then? TIA

You should be ok. The two year life is an estimate, I’ve heard of people getting 3+ years.

As for linking…when you get your ticket, or ticket email, you can scan or type in the number in the MDE app.

Also in the app, look for your Magic Bands, and make sure they are active. You can reactivate old bands easily.

The magic bands continue to work for entry and fast passes. When the battery goes it is no longer read for the ride photos. You should be ok but you can check in the MDE app after the first day to see if you see the photos- that will tell you.

On a similar topic… Has anyone ever given old magic bands to friends/family to use? We’re going with friends this summer, staying off site, and I’d love to give them bands to use. Just link the tickets?

One of the Disney podcasts had this question awhile back and I believe the answer was that you cannot transfer a magic band to another person once it is linked to an account.

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You cannot transfer the bands. They are linked to your account.