Using Military Discount Tickets

We obtained tickets through Shades of Green. I believe they are pre- activated. Linked tickets to MDE. Ticket number is shown on my reservations. Am I now ready to make fast pass + reservations when within 60 days of arrival at Disney resort? Will my magicband work for park entry or do I need the paper ticket?

Yes, if the tickets are in your My Disney Experience account and assigned to people who are staying at the resort with you then you’ll be able to make your FP reservations 60 days before your check-in date.

I’d call at some point in the days just prior to your trip just to make sure they’re activated already. If not then you can do that at the TTC, guest relations OUTSIDE Magic Kingdom, or at Disney Springs guest relations. You may be able to do it at SoG, but we’ve never actually stayed there since we’re DVC members.

And yes, you can use your Magic Bands. Any tickets you have assigned to a person in MDE will automatically be linked to that person’s Magic Band.

Tickets from SoG are already activated. They made this change a couple years ago. If everything is linked up in your MDE account, you are ready to go. No need to stop at guest relations.

SOG guests have to wait until 30 days out for FP reservations unless they have changed it in the past year. We stayed at SOG in March and didn’t get to make them at the 60 day mark because we were not Disney resort guests.

We just did this in September. Everything updated in your MDE and you should be ready to go!

Oh, good catch. I didn’t notice the 60 days part of the question. Yes, only 30 days for SOG. :disappointed_relieved:

I am staying at POR so the 60 days does apply. Only purchased tickets through SOG.

Ah! I see! Yes, I’ve not bought my tickets through SOG, but I’ve bought them on base and stayed at POFQ in July and CSR last week. Once the ticket is linked to your MDE, you are good to go to make your FP’s. Your magicband does work for park entry. You do not need the paper ticket. However, I would take it with you the first day you go to the parks, just in case there is a problem at the tapstiles. Since I’ve bought my tickets on base, I had to activate mine once we arrived.

By the way, I definitely recommend buying the memory maker package at the military discount rate. It worked out to be less than 50 cents per picture for us on all our trips. We ended up with more than 200 pictures per trip.

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Apparently Shades of Green guests have been able to do their FPs at 60 days lately… it’s not “official”, but it seems to be happening!


Oh, wow! That would be great! This is the sole reason we didn’t stay at SoG for our last 2 trips. Thanks for sharing!


That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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