Using Memory Maker

Ok, so we’re here at DW, getting pictures taken, and i see them on my app with the Photo Pass watermark across them. What do I have to do now? Wait til I get home and download them on my computer? Download them bit by bit while we’re here? I’m sorta confused. Thanks!

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Be there in 2 days! I will be watching for responses. Have never used MM before.

My advice is to contact the camera shops at WDW when you are there. They will tell you actually what to do and how to do it. We will be using MM for the first time in April as AP members.

There is a button you have to push in the app to activate the Memory Maker, and then your photos will not have the watermark on them. This does start the clock on how long you have to download, it is 45 days from the first picture date I think (each picture will tell you when it expires). This is only for purchased MM, not for the free photos you get with an AP (there is no activate button and they stay in your account for over a year).


I would like to know how many more photo opportunities you get with MM instead of the free Photopass. If I pay for a full MM, it helps me to think about it in a ‘per good photo’ basis. If I’m paying $150-$180 for maybe 8 good shots, I would be very disappointed, and if it makes an album of hundreds, it sounds like a good deal.

This Ian correct with the exception of the time span. Once you activate MM you have 30 days to download as many pics as many times as you want. The 45 day count is for when photos expire and will disappear from your MDE account.

Gotcha. I have never bought it, only had it with my AP so wasn’t exactly sure on the days. Thanks.

No worries - it is also just super confusing. However, if you plan your cards right, you can stretch out the mm quite a bit - up to 75 days worth of pics

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It’s the same thing - Memory Maker is basically the dining plan of photography, where you pay one price and get all the photos. You get as many pictures as you’re willing to stop for.

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You can download any pics to your phone (I recommend choosing the higher res version) and then also do a mass-download on your computer when you get home. I am pretty sure the watermarks went away for me when I downloaded my first photo to my phone.

How many photos you get is kind of up to you. If you have MM and make an effort to stop whenever you see a photographer, you’ll get a decent number of photos. I’ve usually gotten over a hundred photos from our 4-5 day trips — some of the photographers are better than others, but I really love having so many great shots from the parks. Plus you get your on-ride pics, and you can ask any photopass photog if they do magic shots — those are super fun!

I’ll add also that you can purchase a c.d. that they’ll send you with all of your pictures and I received an additional c.d. with some really neat stock photos from all over the parks/resorts.

They also give you the opportunity to download some stock photos when you download from the desktop version of MDE/MM! They’re really nice!

Thanks everyone!