Using Mears Connect with a disability

We just arrived home from a trip June 8 to June 14. I recently fractured my ankle and I was non weight bearing. We made reservations with Mears Connect and it clearly said wheelchair on the reservation. We called the day of our flight to verify with them that I could not transfer out of the chair and they said no problem. Our flight was delayed and we arrived at MCO about 12:30 AM. We got to Mears Connect and she took us out to a multi passenger van that would not allow me to transfer into it without weight bearing and it would not accept the wheelchair. They called a wheelchair taxi to take us to Saratoga Springs.
On our day of travel home. The receipt clearly said wheelchair. We called that morning to verify that we needed a vehicle where I could remain in the wheelchair. They assured me that they had it covered. At 4:20, a Mears bus pulled up that was not wheelchair accessible. The driver profusely apologized and thank us for not being angry about it. He called they sent a very nice wheelchair vehicle. We had to wait about 30 for that vehicle to arrive.
All in all, it worked out fine. We got where we needed to be and really didn’t have to wait too long. The reason I wanted to share this is because there are many others who can’t transfer out of their wheelchairs and it seems that this is an area where Mears Connect is having problems with communication. If you need a wheelchair accessible vehicle be sure to call and verify that with them and don’t be surprised if that isn’t adequate.


It is utterly shocking to me that the very company that provided this exact service under a different name for many many years is having such a difficult time getting their act together now that it’s not named Disney’s Magical Express.

I’m so glad it worked out.

This is just one more reason I won’t recommend this service to anyone!


I miss the DME service more and more every day…

Glad everything worked out for ya


That’s really terrible. I’m glad they sorted it out for you but they shouldn’t have needed to.


At least for me it is temporary disability. I have newfound empathy for those who deal with these issues every day of their lives. For me it was just an annoyance, but for the medically fragile folks it could be much worse.


Sunshine flyer wouldn’t have been able to get them out at all though since they stop running at 11 pm. Are you recommending car services? Are there car services for wheelchairs?

I wasn’t really speaking to the ability of the others to meet the need, just the mismanagement of this one especially since OP was reassured multiple times that it was all set

I do think there are car services which could manage them. And I wonder about Sunshine Flyer, even, if the need is communicated