Using magic express luggage tags but not taking the shuttle bus

Can I use my yellow magic express luggage tags without taking the shuttle? We may want to rent a car at the airport. If I can still use the luggage tags it would save us time as we would not have to worry about waiting for our luggage.

Although some people have reported they have been able to do this, you would be taking a chance. They scan your magic band twice when loading magical express. This may not signal them to get you luggage, but it may.

Thanks. If I decide to rent then I will collect my luggage myself.

In my experience there really isn’t that much of a delay in getting luggage. We usually plan to divide and conquer, with one person going to get the car and the rest waiting for the luggage. The idea is that by the time the person returns to the arrival area with the car the luggage will have arrived and we just load and go. However, every time the luggage has arrived before the paperwork has been completed at the rental desk, so we end up going to the rental lot together.

I think officially if you don’t ride DME, your bags don’t either. No idea how strictly that’s enforced though and if you could make it work, but I’d think it would be quite risky for not a huge payoff…