Using less than full allotment of fastpass+

What are our options if we are visiting EP but only need to use one FP? We must choose between Soarin and TT for the FP but after that we don’t really have other rides that require FP. Nobody else is interested in MS so we are skipping it. What should we do?

Book your fastpasses, then online (not via the app) cancel the two you don’t care about. Once the Soarin’ fpp is used, you’ll be able to book a new fpp (hopefully for the other ride)

I’ve been booking FPP for some things just in case. Since everyone who he prebooking their FastPasses also has three choices the standby lines for some attractions have gotten longer. There are still plenty of times when you’ll walk onto Nemo, Journey into Imagination, and Spaceship Earth, but I’ve also seen substantial standby lines for each of those in recent months (which I hadn’t seen prior to FPP). That could also be because crowds in general appear to be rising, but since it doesn’t cost you anything to make those extra selections, then you might as well book them.

If you’re riding Soarin’ early in the day, then the strategy @keithloveswaffles mentions works well, since it’s more likely first thing in the morning that you’ll be able to make a Test Track (or another Soarin) reservation for later in the day.

Do I cancel the unneeded FPP the same day I create them or wait to cancel them at a FPP kiosk on the day they are being used?

You cancel them before you get to the park from the web.

The kiosks do not have the ability to cancel FPs. Neither does the app. Only the website allows you to cancel.