Using Genie+ with Very Merriest After Hours

Does anyone know if you can purchase Genie + to use with the Very Merriest After Hours Party at Magic Kingdom (assumes you have not purchased separate park ticket). Was thinking I’d use Genie+ for the 2 hours we overlap with regular guests (7-9pm)

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Historically, FPP, etc. has only been available during normal operating hours (not early entry or after hours events, including extra magic hours), and I believe that continues to be the case with Genie+. You shouldn’t need it during that time, hopefully. You CAN use it JUST for the 2 hours you overlap with regular guests.

ETA: I haven’t seen confirmation of someone with an event ticket only buying Genie+ beforehand, but I would guess it would work.

Thanks; will Disney systems allow me to buy Genie+ with the After Hours ticket (e.g. no regular park ticket)

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Sorry I added this:

I’ll keep an eye out for confirmation.

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