Using Genie+ whilst making my plan

I’m sure this has been asked before but I can’t find a link

I’m really struggling in using touring pass plans and Genie+ recommendations. Specifically the recommendations seem completely out of whack.

For example - I’m planning a HS day for august. The recommendations say get Genie for Alien Swirling and Runaway Railway but not Slinky. Why would I not do this ?? I’m a bit confused. Can anyone help with this ?

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Does your plan have you rope dropping Slinky? If so, I can see the suggestions sort of. But if not rope dropping Slinky, I think that is the #1 LL to go for in HS as it runs out first. The biggest issue is usually getting one early enough in the day that fits your plans alright.

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I know they are still working out the kinks on the G+ recommendations.

HOWEVER, there may be times it makes sense. Aside from the scenario that @Damavs stated, you have to recall that the goal of the algorithm is to find the lowest overall wait time across all rides, not find the lowest time for any particular ride.

So, if you get a LL for Slinky…sure, it saves you quite a bit of time, but it likely also means you have to wait the full 2 hours before you can book your next LL, etc.

But if it has you use a LL for a ride that has an immediate return time, you can then get ANOTHER LL, and another, and another, in quick succession. You might only save 10 minutes for each of those rides…but in the same 2 hour period, you might end up saving 60+ minutes by NOT going with the SDD LL.

OR, it could just be the software doesn’t know what it is doing. :slight_smile:

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I did my Genie+ planning manually using info from Thrill Data and using a trial and error approach adding the ‘Get LL’ step to a TP and then using evaluate instead of optimize. This would give you the predicted return window for obtaining a LL for any ride. Then keep adding the LL manually. This allows you to factor in a RS of LL if you want. I don’t think TP will automatically do this. I also did some plans using just DAS, looking at posted wait times on days that had a similar CL.


Thanks all. I don’t think it is the system “being clever” as it only suggests using two reservations all day and instead queuing at Genie attractions

I guess the software isn’t really working with Genie yet !