Using Genie+ for HS Shows

When using Genie+ on a Hollywood Studios show (Frozen sing along, Beauty & the Beast, Indiana Jones), is there a preferred seating section or do you just get to enter the theater first? How many minutes before the show do you need to arrive in order to use your Lightning lane? Thank you!

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Generally for show LL’s you have to arrive within a window from 30 mins to 15 mins before the show eg if show is at 1pm, you have to arrive between 1230 and 1245. There is no grace period unlike other LL’s.

During Xmas week ‘21 B&tB and Indy we got let in first and could sit anywhere we liked. There was no reserved LL section.

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There seems to be relatively limited advantage to using LL for shows and some CM discretion/different approaches on the exact approach based on different responses I’ve seen here. We had a golden ticket for HS shows after Philharmagic went down the previous day, and had the following experience:

  • BatB: let in firs, it was free seating.
  • Indy: arrived late/after LL expiry but were still let in and told to choose any available seating in the middle section (it was packed so we had to split up and took the end of two rows, still had great views).
  • Frozen: entered first, through the exit side, and were led to the seats near wheelchair seating/up front but could choose seats freely.
    We were very happy with all of those experiences but did not see any reserved special seating anywhere.
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I think LL for shows is a waste except for a very popular show that is just returning from a hiatus or just premiering. Instead, arrive 30 minutes before a show and wait standby. You’re really only waiting 15 minutes more than a LL person and much of that time is seated in the theater.

There are some shows on very busy days where you will not make it in the next show without a LL, and in those cases I would consider a LL (but tbh I’d probably do a ride instead).


Thank you everyone for your valuable advice and tips!