Using EPA to get to Kong quicker? And park opening times?

Heading to Universal at the end of July. First time staying onsite using EPA.

In anticipation of Kong being open, I’m wondering if we should use an EPA to line up at the bridge between Harry Potter and Jurassic Park in hopes of making it over there ahead of regular admission. We have 4 day passes so I’m not worried about “wasting” one to do this.

It’s been a few years since we visited Universal and we are always there very early before posted opening time. In my experience, the parks have usually opened about 30 mins before posted opening time. Does this still happen in the summer?
If this still happens, will the entry to the rest of IOA fro, HP be open early as well?


I think once its open there will be lots more info out there about times and best way to avoid queues. Uni change opening procedures /epa so often its difficult to predict.

I am going early August. Keep posting info on Kong, I am very interested in how to efficiently hit the attraction as much as possible. We are staying on site as well.