Using ECV - ADA compliant room needed?

I was just looking at the hotel room view feature, the first room I looked at I noticed it said wheelchair accessible - no. We will have a scooter, does that mean we need an ADA compliant room? Or can we choose any room? DH doesn’t need hand rails or any other accommodations to the room, he will just likely need a scooter to get there after a long day.

I think wheelchair accessible rooms typically indicate an ADA room where there are lowered beds, and roll in showers. If he doesn’t need those accommodations and assuming the room is big enough to accommodate an ECV, which I can’t really comment on because I just don’t know, you should be able to book any room. Not sure where you’re booked but I would make sure they do have an elevator.

I just assumed there would be an elevator!! I will check it out, we’re at POFQ.

You are answering all my questions today @Outer1!

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There is an elevator at POR so I would assume also at POFQ. I think it’s only some of the older resorts like OKW that might not have them.

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