Using DDP at Resort Breakfast

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This coming May/June my family will be heading to DW for a 7 day stay. We have decided to use the Deluxe Dinning Plan this time around as we have a lot of celebrations happening and wanted to have more table service options.

However, we have a few points left over and I thought it would be great to use them to get breakfast items from our resort quick service (Roaring Fork at WL) that we can pick up on our way in (either at the mid-day break or end of day) and then just have them in the room for breakfast the next morning. Items like: donuts, bagels, muffins, milk, juice, and such. Grab and go items that we can eat while waiting for the bus or on the bus.

I think they are traditionally consider snacks right? But is there a way to use quick service credits instead? If I were getting a combo meal or the like I would get an appetizer, entree, dessert, and a drink. Is there a way to get those grab and go items to count the same way?

You can get 3 snacks for a QS credit, in the same transaction.

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You can use a QS credit but you will actually be using a deluxe TS credit for three snacks. It is up to you but on my recent trip with the deluxe plan each deluxe meal (appetizer. Entree, dessert, alcoholic drink) averaged $70-80 per person. Three snacks would be about $15-20?


With the deluxe dinning plan we had so much food that it was hard to use our snack credits. I really wish they had a plan that was 2 TS and 1 QS or just 2 TS. We hit up the bakery in France and used a lot of SC but we did not eat any of it till we left to drive home.


I wish there was one plan between Quick Service and Deluxe as well!

Thank you all so much for helping me understand better!

There is a plan between Quick and Deluxe. I’ts the Standard dining plan.

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Right. I meant something more like what joefishing209 was referring to. Where there could be the same flexibility for having two meal credits a day and then using them as either a quick or a table service.