Using ChatGPT to work out which parks to visit on my holiday

Hi all,

I am on holiday in Orlando from 15th September to 29th September so I created an Excel spreadsheet with the Touringplans crowd levels for Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Universal Studios on each day.
I then uploaded this spreadsheet to ChatGPT Code Interpreter and asked it to select a park each day to minimize the total crowd level subject to each park being visited 3 times. It then came up with a list of which park to visit each day. The total of the crowd levels is 57 giving an average over 15 days of 3.8.
What do you all think of this strategy? I have been to Orlando many many times so the order of the parks is less important and now I just want to minimize the crowd level I encounter on each day.
Any suggestions will be much appreciated.


This sounds like a fun experiment! (And also a much better use of AI than what my students are probably doing with it.)


I understand that ChatGPT is based on data up until 2021. I agree it’s a fun experiment, but I’d approach it with caution.


Hi Flavita,
Thanks, I see what you mean but you mean but I’m not relying on ChatGPT data. With Code Interpreter you can ask it to analyse your own data. I used the Touring Plans crowd calendar crowd levels to create a spreadsheet of the crowd levels during my stay.



What were the results!?

If you did 3 days each at those 5 parks, did you not include Islands of

I don’t think it’s the best, mainly because the ChatGPT interpreter doesn’t know what time the parks close & if you like to be in the parks in the evenings. For example, the lowest CL days at Magic Kingdom are party nights when the park closes at 6pm or the nights Universal Studios closes at 5pm because of HHN.

Side note. I never use the CL predictions alone. Looking back at the CL’s from similar dates 12 months prior is helpful and even sometimes more accurate. Apples to apples of course.


The results were:
Friday 15th September, Animal Kingdom but I may skip that and do food shopping
Saturday 16th, EPCOT
Sunday 17th, Hollywood Studios
Monday 18th, Animal Kingdom
Tuesday 19th, Magic Kingdom
Wednesday 20th, Animal Kingdom
Thursday 21st, Universal, I have two park tickets so I will start in one and go to the other using the Hogwarts express
Friday 22nd, Magic Kingdom
Saturday 23rd, Hollywood Studios
Sunday 24th, Hollywood Studios
Monday 25th, Universal
Tuesday 26th EPCOT
Wednesday 27th EPCOT
Thursday 28th Universal
Friday 29th Magic Kingdom
Those are excellent points you have raised bebe80. I will definitely have to look into the opening times of the parks and see how that effects the above. Personally being an early riser I tend to get to the parks really early and not stay too late.
Thanks all for the helpful comments :grin: