Using a full-service at a quick-service

sorry if this is a lame question (from a newbie):
Let’s just say for the sake of argument that we were “out” of quick-service meals on the Disney Dining Plan but still had full-service credits remaining.
Could we use them at a quick-service if we so chose?

@tyseanhayde There are NO lame questions.

I’m pretty sure the official answer is no. I have seen it happen and a quick Google search seems to agree.

That being said, it’s a horrible trade, value wise. A $40 dollar value traded down to a $12 meal is a loser. However, if you are on your last day, have leftover TS and can find a willing cast member, go for it.

i thought you could always downgrade that, the switching out for snack credits was the one I thought was questionable. i still would never do it unless you absolutely had to, you lose about 50% of the value for it.

Thanks! That was the thinking – last day sorta thing.

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We saw people doing this all the time at AoA last week at the quick service there. Seemed like a normal thing without any CM challenge at least at that hotel.

@TheGraceysButler I’ve heard it both ways and a Google search shows almost everyone saying no (Disboards, Mom’s Panel (of course they aren’t the most reliable), and a couple of others.) I’ve seen it done many times, so my pat answer is “no, but go for it. What’s the worst that can happen? They say no.” That way, if someone says no, then I’ve prepared the asker for that possibility.